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If you’ve read any of my other blogs regarding my 1954 Chevrolet 210 in Havana, Cuba, then you know the project has taken much, much, longer than anticipated. The body work has been a disaster, with the car now in the hands of the third body shop, the first two being huge disappointments.
The engine is almost ready to be cranked up for the first time, and no expense was spared in its rebuild. A engine rebuild kit is from Clegg with .60 over pistons, crank bearings at .20 over standard, and just about all moving internal parts being replaced. The Clegg package came with a new Melling oil pump, valve springs, and a “performance” camshaft from Delta cams. The original steering box is being rebuilt with NOS parts, which were the most difficult to find. The rocker arm assembly was bad, but a NOS one eventually turned up for sale on eBay. A new water pump was ordered from the National Chevy Association, who are dedicated to 1949-1954 Chevys, and they truly are ’49-’54 Chevy specialists.
Fuel delivery will be via an electric fuel pump to a custom dual throttle body injection system on a Fenton intake manifold. The fuel injection system was custom made by Hamilton Fuel Injection. Bill Hamilton is great and a pleasure to work with, and I’ll let you know how awesome it is once it’s installed! A Borg Warner T5 from a six cylinder 1991 Chevrolet S10 is going to replace the original 3-speed, so no more three on the tree! The T5 is a non-world class, but I don’t think it will matter here in Cuba, where the roads are in such bad shape that it’s a safety hazard to drive over 55 mph. We are keeping the original rear axle because there is a shop in Havana that specializes in removing the torque tube from pre-1955 Chevrolets, and mating the original differential to a modern drive shaft. In 1953 and 1954 manual transmission Chevrolets came with 3.70 rear gears, which should match nicely with the T5.
Stay tuned for more updates!
Nationalchevyassoc.com, Hamiltonfuelinjection.com, Cleggengine.com, hamiltonfuelinjection.com
By Frank Gonzalez
September 1, 2017

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