It is still legal for Americans to travel to our naughty island neighbor of Cuba. Changes made by President Trump in June make it more difficult, it is possible to visit Cuba on a people-to-people tour if it is organized by a tour operator like us, and one of our guides must accompany you on the flight into Cuba. Other than that, the rules regarding travel to Cuba are basically the same as before the June 16, 2017 changes. We offer custom trips to the island that provide a full schedule of activities that are both enlightening and entertaining. We will never put you on a Cuban government bus and we do not employ Cuban government stooges who ply you with the party line during your tours. Through our tours you will meet independent Cubans who will share their views with you, openly. We want you to see and feel Cuba for yourselves, and develop your own opinions and understanding of our long-forbidden island neighbor. We take all the hassle out of your trip, and guarantee you a great experience.
We offer unique workshops, including Jazz, Rumba, and Son workshops featuring the best young Cuban musicians like Adel Gonzalez, Juan Carlos Marin, Julito Padron, and Oliver Valdes, and bands like Los Munequitos de Matanzas, el Septeto Nacional de Ignacio Pineiro, and Yoruba Andabo. Our Resolviendo and Santeria Workshops will go a long way to helping you understand daily life in Cuba. We provide you with more and better options when it comes to lodging, from bohemian casas particulares in Old Havana, to exclusive bed & breakfasts in Siboney, and cities and towns across the island. Our small group tours of less than ten guests give us the opportunity to provide you a custom experience, and gives you the ability to travel at your convenience. We keep our groups small for ease of movement, with the option of last minute itinerary changes for those unexpected and unscheduled opportunities that are always popping-up in Cuba.
Whether you’re going to Cuba on our Cuban Baseball, Cuban Classic Car Tour, or to attend Havana’s Jazz Fest, contact one of our trip planners and we will create your perfect Cuba encounter. We are your guide to Cuba! Contact us at or
By Frank Gonzalez
18 October 2017

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