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Anevent which seems to be created for American visitors to Cuba to help them comply with the “cultural exchange” element of their visit to the island will take place on November 20, 2017. The United Nations World Universal Children’s Day is celebrated every year on this date, and honors the day the Declaration of the Rights of Children was approved in 1954, and the Convention on the Rights of the Child went into effect in 1989. This last is the international treaty that has been ratified by more nations than any other in history. The goal of the two treaties is to turn the world into a better place for all children, and to bring attention to the situation of the world’s least blessed children, establish their rights, and raise everyone’s awareness of the need to continuously work towards improvement in the lives of all children.
This year UNICEF will prepare events across the globe to draw attention to the day through a “Children’s Takeover.” Children will take over roles usually reserved for adults in the news media, government, business, and other sectors that have a direct impact on their lives.
I was notified of all this by my friend Vivian Montes, the director of the Voces project in Cuba. She wanted to inform me that Cuba would have a larger role than usual in this year’s celebration. The takeover will allow children to express themselves freely on Cuban media and through cultural institutions, including the “takeover” of the Cuban National Museum of Bellas Artes, the Adolescent’s Center in Old Havana, and all of Cuba’s media outlets.
UNICEF asked Cuban rapper Telmary to prepare music for the celebration, specifically songs that celebrate children’s desires and their rights in Cuba. The goal is to raise everyone’s consciousness and make us all aware of children’s rights and help them achieve their dreams. The main song will be performed in both English and Spanish, with the desire that children throughout the world will become aware of their rights, and their value. Ten participants from the Cuban television program Voces will perform alongside Telmary. The music will be Cuban style hip hop, with accompanying instruments and great melody.
The day kicks off with an inaugural concert at Old Havana’s Adolescent’s Center with a live performance of the UNICEF song and its’ accompanying video. Add this event to your tour of the island, and document it, just in case Uncle Sam asks, what exactly did you do in Cuba?

By Clao York
November 16, 2017

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