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Customize Packages

Build your Own Travel Packages to Cuba

We are an agency that specializes in travel/tour for Cuba with many years of experience. While we offer many prepackaged exchanges to Cuba, we have the unique ability to customize many different types of exchanges. We offer fast response time, and professional service. If we are able to help coordinate your groups’ exchange trip, we will let you know within 24 hours of your request, and then work with you and your Cuban counterparts on the island.

Cuba Travel Trips

Customize for Yourself and Whomever

We specialize in taking U.S. citizens to Cuba on exchanges that fall under current federal laws. We have many exchange packages to choose from, however, all of our packages can be customized. Or we can create a unique exchange trip for you depending on your wishes. We are a small agency, and are quite dynamic, and can arrange any kind of exchange trip quickly. Any exchange can be customized for just 1 person, or a full planeload.

Explore Cuba With Limitless Possibilities

We can arrange for you to stay at any hotel in Cuba, and we also have a large number of Bed & Breakfasts (casas particulares) that we work with in different cities. Please keep in mind that the best exchange trips take time to plan, so the more time you give us the better! We have packages that include a modern rental car with driver, or driver and guide. This offer is also available with a classic American car with air conditioning. We offer professional interpreters for any meetings you may need to attend related to your trip.

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