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Practical Tips for Cuba

Practical Tips for Getting Around in Cuba!

Currency & Rates

Before you pay for anything, or are negotiating a price, be it for a good or service, make sure you and the other party are dealing in the same currency. Cuba is unique in that it has 2 offical currencies, one is known as the Nacional Currency (Moneda Nacional or MN), and the other is the Convertible Currency (Moneda Convertible or CUC). Most tourists encounter pricing in the CUC, however, increasingly more items are being priced in both currencies. The CUC trades unofficially at .90 to $1 U.S. dollar. In other words, it is actually worth more than a U.S. greenback! The other currency trades at $24 MN for $1 U.S. dollar, and inside Cuba the two currencies trade at $25MN for $1CUC. These rates are especially important if you are buying from private sellers or negotiating transportation in a privately owned vehicle, or a long or unusual trip.


Just in Case…

Cuba is a hot, humid, and rainy island, except for the months of January and February. Unless you are on the coast, or in the mountains, the weather year round is similar to summer weather in Atlanta, New Orleans, or Miami.

  • Please make an effort to drink bottled water. This is especially true outside of Havana.
  • Napkins, tissues, and toilet paper are sometimes scarce in Cuba, you may want to carry your own.
  • Try to always carry a small bar of soap for hand washing. Most bathrooms in Havana have running water, but many do not have soap.  If not make sure to have hand sanitizer with you.
  • When ordering from a menu it is often best to ask what is available, rather than just ordering, oftentimes certain items listed are not available.
  • Be extra careful crossing the street, pedestrians are usually not given the right of way!

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